Why Give Your Music Away for Free

Benefits to Giving Your Music Away for Free

Some artists would struggle with the concept of giving their music away for free, especially if the whole point of pursuing a music career was to make a living from it.  However, many studies show that for up and coming artists, providing free music to fans is the best way to get noticed and  become increasingly popular, so you can eventually make money off of your music.

Many paid subscription services today are making the purchase of albums and individual songs irrelevant, even for mainstream artists.  So, the chances of a person being willing to buy a song before they have even heard it or heard of the band is slim to none.

Providing potential fans with free music is most likely the only way your music will be discovered and become increasingly popular.

The more people that become fans of your music, the more potential customers you will have to buy your music in the future.  Those purchases are not even limited to music purchases; they can increase tickets to your shows, and even merchandise!

For aspiring artists, requiring people to buy your songs is a major roadblock on your journey to success.  You should want nothing to stand in the way of people hearing your work, and that is just the ugly truth of today’s music industry.

Why be Negative when you can be Positive.

Had an awesome day today. The studio was suppose to start recording Piper Leigh today but one of the band members came down with the flu. Piper called and was upset about rescheduling so I asked her to come in anyway to check the studio out and go over her vision of what we wanted to record. She came in with her drummer Dave and we had a fantastic visit. We rescheduled but I have to say that I think the day was more productive than if the band came in and recorded before the vision was made. That just goes to show you that you can always turn a negative into a positive. Oh by the way, I made two friends today!

Jeremy Casella Kickstarter

There are times in our lives where we go through hard times.  We have all been there.  I recently heard about the artist Jeremy Casella through a friend Joe Gilder.  Please go check this artists Kickstarter Campaign.  It sounds so inspirational and I would like to support it.  I hope you all feel the same.

Best Regards,

Don Hamer