We Help Make Your Music Come Alive!

Welcome to DOVI Recording Studios. My name is Don Hamer, session drummer, engineer, producer and owner. I initially built my studio out of necessity. I had several bands that wanted to hire me to do drum session work for them and also was in a band that wanted to start recording some demos. At the time I couldn’t afford to go to a big studio so I bought some simple budget recording equipment and started recording.

As time passed I started to upgrade all my equipment. To pay for it I started recording some local bands. By word of mouth more and more bands started to find out about the studio and today it has grown into a full service recording studio. DOVI Recording Studios provides it clients a comfortable and inspired place to record. Whether you need us to track your songs, mix or master we can do it all in house. Please look around our website. Contact us for your next recording session and we will help your music come alive.

Don Hamer – Owner, Engineer, Producer – Session Drummer



Full Production (including tracking, mixing and mastering) per song $100.00

Mixing and Mastering Combo  per song $70.00

Tracking per song $35.00

Mixing per song $50.00

Mastering per song $20.00

Please Note: All production services include an .MP3 and .WAV files and a maximum of 3 revisions per song if required.  Further revisions, beyond those included, will be charged at a $15.00 per song per revision.

If you have your songs already tracked and are just wanting us to Mix or Master the songs we have the capability for you to download all your stems to our studio.  We can then mix and master them and upload them back to you.  We do this via Dropbox.

FULL ALBUM PRODUCTIONS: (10 songs or more) If you have a full album production we can negotiate a flat fee to track mix and master your album.  Please contact the studio for details.

All rates are subject to a 50% non refundable payment in advance.