I’ve liked this quote by GK Chesterton from the day I read it. Doing something badly is at least doing something productive, if what you’re doing is the right thing to do. It’s better than not attempting something at all. At least you will learn from your efforts. All of the most important things we learned to do we started out doing them badly, like walking, talking, singing, and of course recording, mixing and mastering. You improve as you go. You cannot improve until you start. You begin by starting out badly. You have to be willing to fail, sometimes often, to achieve what you want to. So if you decide to do something, anything, be prepared to start out by doing it badly. If you wait until you can do something perfectly you’ll do nothing at all.

Take me for example. At the time of this blog post I am 56 years old and am starting a blog that is based around home recording, mixing and mastering. I have been around music my whole life. I started playing drums in my early teens and have been is several “BAR” bands through my life. All the while though I have had a “day job” and profession that I love. I know that I am not going to be the next rock star. I know in the recording mixing and mastering world I will not be the next Dave Pensado, Chris Lord Alge or Bob Clearmountain (Some of my favorites) but that does not mean that I do not want to be as good as I can be with my little home recording studio. (My labor of love and my voice in the world)

Music is my passion. It is the one thing that has been the constant in my life. I have made a ton of mistakes and have done things “badly”. But one thing is for sure I have learned a lot through the years of what “not to do.” That is what my new blog is based on. I want to bring you into my life and passion that is based around this thing we call music and my new passion that started a few years back called Home Recording. If your interested in coming in and joining me please check out my new website www.dovirecordingstudios.com and sign up to my blog. Together we can try and help each other out on our mutual passionate journey called music and home recording.

Don Hamer – DOVI Recording Studios

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